2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Optional tour to the Institute of Mental Health in Singapore
8:00 AM
8:45 AM
Welcome by Conference Convenors
Professor Bernadette McSherry
Foundation Director, Melbourne Social Equity Institute, University of Melbourne
Dr Justin Barry Walsh
Forensic Psychiatrist, and Chair, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
9:00 AM
Opening Ceremony
Gregory Vijayendran SC
President of The Law Society of Singapore
9:30 AM
Moderator: Dr Jerome Goh Hern Yee
Keynote Presentation
Dr Majeed Khader
Chief Psychologist at Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore
Why Bother about Cultural Considerations in Forensic Psychology-Legal Work?
10:30 AM
Morning Tea
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Parallel Sessions 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D
Session 1A Moderator:
Dr Kenneth Gerard Koh Wun Wu
Session 1B Moderator:
Professor Mark Nolan
Session 1C Moderator:
Dr Andrew Carroll
Session 1D Moderator:
Dr Annabel Chan
Specific Disorders Closed Environments Medico-Legal Issues Symposium on Threat Assessment
11:00 AM Pseudologia Fantastica and the Costs of Compassion
F. Varghese
Establishing a Body to Inspect and Monitor Correctional Facilities in the Australian Capital Territory: Lessons Learned
N. McAllister
Making Sense of Chronic Pain and Medically Unexplained Symptoms in the Medico-Legal Arena
A.T. Davis
Fixated Threat Assessment in Australia and New Zealand
J. Barry-Walsh, N.M Pyszora and F. Riddle
11:30 AM Pituitary Volume in Violent Men with Schizophrenia or Antisocial Personality Disorder: Relationship with Childhood Psychosocial Deprivation
M. Bipin, P. Premkumar, M. Das, A. Sumich and V. Kumari
The Forensic Restrictiveness Questionnaire: Development, Validation and Revision
J. Tomlin, B. Völlm, V. Furtado, V. Egan and P. Bartlett
Expert Panels: Friend or Foe?
J. Parmegiani
12:00 PM The Clinical Classification Criteria of Psychopathy: A framework for the classification of psychopathic personality
N. Brooks
Burying the Hole: The End of Segregation Use in Canadian Federal Prisons
T. Tomita and K.H.J. Lee
Trials and their Tribulations: A Clinical Perspective
K.C. Soh
12:30 PM
Incidence of Violence in a Forensic Psychiatry Unit
J.A. Khamis, N. A. Badruddin, A. Mohd Noor, M.H. Mohd Ali, N.A. Jumali
The Elephant in the Room – the paradox of government policies reducing mental health stigma and government policies to discriminate against people with psychiatric injuries
M. Epstein
Threats of mass casualty attacks in schools: Interagency Collaboration to manage the risk in Western Australia
N.M. Pyszora
1:00 PM
Informal Lunch for RANZCP Members
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Parallel Sessions 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D
Session 2A
Session 2B
Session 2C
Moderator: Professor Warren Brookbanks
Session 2D
Symposium on Experiential Learning Workshop: RANZCP Supervisor Accreditation Legal Issues and "Vulnerable" People Symposium on Forensic Disability Client
2:00 PM
Evaluation of Simulated Criminal and Court Education
E. Kelly, A. Wahid, E. Brand and A. Ratsch

A. Ellis, J. Phillips and K. Pillai
Electro-convulsive Therapy, Law and Human Rights
I. Freckelton
Forensic Disability Clients: Combining Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and Good Lives Model (GLM) within an Australia National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Framework
A. Birgden and C. Kozar
2:30 PM
Impersonation Scams: An exploration of victim characteristics and the mechanics of victimisation
N.I. Ismail, B. Liau, C. Misir and W. Ong
3:00 PM
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the Law
I. Freckelton
3:30 PM
Afternoon Tea
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Parallel Sessions 3A, 3B and 3C
Session 3A
Session 3B
Session 3C
Symposium on Culturally Sensitive Practice Workshop: RANZCP Supervisor Accreditation (Continued) Investigative Procedures
4:00 PM
Working Across Two Worlds: Applied Psychology through a Cultural Lens in Developing Offence Focused Treatment Programs for Indigenous Perpetrators
R. O’Reilly-Martinez and W. Henderson

A. Ellis, J. Phillips and K. Pillai
Singapore Police Force: Boosting Victim Management Capabilities
N.I.B. Ismail

4:30 PM
How to Prevent Wrongful Convictions Caused by False Confessions: Introduction to the Statement Analysis Methodologies in Japan
M. Ibusuki, N. Fututa-Yamada, Y. Ohashi and R. Kitamura
5:15 PM - 7:15 PM
Optional Welcome Reception
9:00 AM
9:30 AM
Moderator: Dr Christopher Cheok Cheng Soon
Keynote Presentation
Professor Amita Dhanda
Professor of Law at NALSAR University of Law, India
A Wellness of My Own
10:30 AM
Morning Tea
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Parallel Sessions 4A, 4B, 4C and 4D
Session 4A
Session 4B
Session 4C
Session 4D
Moderator: Professor Bernadette McSherry
Sexual Knowledge Sexual Offending Intimate Partner and Family Violence Issues in Psychiatric Practice Issues in Compulsory Treatment
11:00 AM Sexual Assault in an Aged Care Residential Facility: The complexities raised by a Perpetrator and Victim with Dementia
A. Baird, L. Barry and J. Kennett
Collaborating with Police to Improve Assessment and Management of Domestic Violence
T. McEwan
The complexities of caring and a Psychiatrist’s liability – the curious case of Dr S
C.S. Cheok
Capacity to consent to treatment – An adaptation of the McArthur competence assessment tool for treatment (McCAT-T) in India
A. Balakrishnan, S. Moirangthem, C.N. Kumar, S. Badamath and P. Murthy
11:30 AM Examining Gender Disparities in Sentencing Outcomes for Female Compared to Male Sexual Offenders: Research Challenges and Trans-Tasman Collaborations
T. Patterson, A. Beeby, I. Damiris, L. Hobbs, N. Mckillop, K. Burtin, L. Christensen, S. RaymentMcHugh, J. Gross and H. Hayne
Intimate Partner Violence among Women with Substance Use Disorders: A Study from India
H. Ahluwalia, P.K. Chand and L.N. Suman
Forensic Psychiatry Community Services in Singapore – Collaboration and Communication
D. Yeo, X. Kang, J. Soh, A. Tay and K. Koh
Are reforms to Australia’s Mental Health Acts Impacting on CTO usage?
C.J. Ryan
12:00 PM On-line child sex offences: those that are a part of an “on-line” persona. Implications about aetiology, assessment, treatment, risk assessment and community safety
E.A. Robinson and G.A. Robinson
A Typology of Familicide Perpetrators in Australia
D. Cullen and K. Fritzon
Self-Care in the Forensic Space
V. Gordon
The Case for Mental Health Advocates- Research Findings from an Evaluation of the Independent Mental Health Advocacy Service in Victoria
P. Weller, S. AlvarezVasquez, M. Dale, N. Hill, B. Johnson, J. Martin. C. Maylea and S. Thomas
12:30 PM What do forensic order patients know about sex? A sexual knowledge assessment survey
E. Brand, A. Ratsch and E. Heffernan
Elder Abuse and the Criminal Law: Physical harm and death
J.L. Anderson
Interviewing Persons with Mental Illness Charged with Murder or Attempted Murder: A Retrospective Review of Police Interviews
B. Clugstona, B. Green, J, Phillips, Z. Samaraweera, C. Ceron, C. Gardner, C. Meurk and E. Heffernan
Extended Supervision Orders in New South Wales: Do They Protect the Community and Reduce Recidivism?
S.J. Ardasinski and R. Parker
1:00 PM
Lunch with Poster Presentations


Measuring Severity Evaluations of Punishments with Partially Suspended Imprisonment
M. Fujita
The Application of Forensic Psychiatry in Law Enforcement Efforts
N.G. Sari
A Review of Pharmacological Approaches to Managing Violence and Aggression in Prison Populations
M.J. Weightman and M. Das
Cultivating a Culture of Helping: An Empirical Study on Identifying Why people Do and Do Not Respond to Crises During Emergencies
V. Er, Y. Wong, J.L. Eu, L.S. Neo and M. Khader
The Effects of Other Lay Judges’ Opinions Given in the Middle of Trial on Japanese Law Judges’ Judgment
Y. Itoh
Border Control Lie Detection: Themes used in Lie and Truth Decision Making
S. Chan, K. Subramaniam, V. Seah, W. Chai and M. Khader
2:00 PM
Plenary Session: Research Co-Produced with Consumers and Peers to Combat Stigma in Health Service Provision
Moderator: Professor Amita Dhanda
Panel Discussion
with Nawira Baig, Janice Cambri, Ngai Chun Victor Leung and Mary O’Hagan
3:00 PM
Afternoon Tea
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Parallel Sessions 5A, 5B, 5C and 5D
Session 5A
Moderator: Dr Ness McVie Session
Session 5B
Moderator: Dr Justin Barry-Walsh
Session 5C
Session 5D
Moderator: Professor Makoto Ibusuki
Symposium on "WhyDunnit?" Symposium on Delivering Mental Health in Prisons The Future of Mental Health Care Compassion and Law
3:30 PM Clarifying the “causal connection” and the role of the mental health expert in providing ‘explanations’ to the Court
A. Carroll, T. Marsh and J. Sarkar
An Overview of Correctional Mental Health Services in New Zealand, Canadian and Singaporean Contexts
J.H.Y. Goh, T. Tomita and K.C. Pillai
How Forensic Mental Health Might Change Its Approach in the Era of #Metoo
D. Hanratty and R. Darjee
The Impact of Voluntariness of Apologies in Law: Findings of a Quantitative Study
A. Allan, J. De-Mott, I. Larkins, L.A. Turnbull, T. Warwick, L. Willet and M.M. Allan
4:00 PM

The Rise of ‘Digital Mental Health Technologies’: Emerging Issues for Psychiatry, Psychology and Law
P. Gooding
Trauma Informed Courts: Therapeutic Jurisprudence at the Coalface
W.J. Brookbanks
4:30 PM

The Great Divide: Is Evidence-Based Forensic Practice Even Possible?
M.R. Davis
Compassion and Sentencing: The Sentencing of Cardinal Pell as a Case Study
M. Nolan, A. Hopkins, S. Tang and L. Bartel
5:00 PM
ANZAPPL Annual General Meeting
7:00 PM
Conference Dinner
9:00 AM
9:30 AM
Moderator: Professor Warren Brookbanks
Keynote Presentation
Dr Hinemoa Elder
Professor of Indigenous Health Research at Te Whare Wänanga of Awanuiāragi, New Zealand
Te Puna a Hinengaro: he tirohanga ki a āheinga. The Wellspring of Mind: Reflections on Capacity from a Māori Perspective
10:30 AM
Morning Tea
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Parallel Sessions 6A, 6B, 6C and 6D
Session 6A
Session 6B
Session 6C
Session 6D
Reducing Aggression and Re-offending Combatting Mass Violence and Terrorism Understanding Indigenous and Lived Experience Perspectives Symposium on Criminal Responsibility, Psychosis and Amphetamines
11:00 AM Profile and postrelease re-offending patterns in a 25-year NSW cohort of male and female Forensic Patients
K. Dean, S. Singh, R. Kemp, A. Johnson and O. Neilssen
De-radicalisation: Nice idea but does it work?
J. Phillips
“The Unheard Voices”: Perspectives of patients with severe mental illness, their families and mental healthcare providers on access to legal facilities, A Multi-site Qualitative study from India
D. Banerjee, D. Roy, A. Basu and P.S. Sharma

A. Carroll, W. Brookbanks, J. Barry-Walsh, S. Arunogiri and J. Adams
11:30 AM The Rivergum Model – A Holistic and Progressive Approach to Rehabilitation and Community Safety
S. Miles and L. McAuliffe
Regulating the Online Sharing of “Abhorrent Violent Material”: A Step Too Far in the Regulation of Cyberspace and in the Creativity of Australian Federal Criminal Law?”
M. Nolan
Engaging in Co-production in the Context of Mental Health
C. Roper
12:00 PM ‘Hope in creating Meaningful Experiences’ (HOME) – A Customised Prerelease Program for Offenders with Mental Disorders in Singapore Prisons.
P. Devaraj and P. Jairam
How Not to Respond to a Mass Shooting: Lessons from the United States
R. Kapoor
Psychiatric Disorders and its Correlates in Indigenous Australian Prisoners: A Systematic Review
M. Das
12:30 PM Evidence-Based Management of Child and Adolescent Aggression
J. Kasinathan and Y. Singh
The Future of the Children of ISIS
V. Honnavalli, L.S. Neo and M. Khader
Indigenous Australians in Custody – A New South Wales and Northern Territory Perspective
K. Goodenough and R. Shields
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
Moderator: Professor Bernadette McSherry
Plenary Session
Celebrating 25 Years of the Journal, Psychiatry, Psychology and Law Presentation by
Professor Ian Freckelton QC

Scholarship in Forensic Psychiatry, Forensic Psychology and Mental Health Law
Followed by a Panel Discussion with Dr Hinemoa Elder, Dr Majeed Khader and Associate Professor Troy McEwan
3:00 PM
Presentations and Wrap-up
3:30 PM
Afternoon Tea
4:30 PM
    Optional Tours at National Gallery Singapore
  1. Architecture tour of City Hall and former Supreme Court
  2. Back-of-House Tour | Former Supreme Court - Unseen, Unheard